With over a decade of advertising and marketing experience, during his advertising stint, as a Copywriter and a Creative Director, he leveraged his creative panache backed by a solid
strategic thinking. No wonder, his campaigns bagged some of the biggest creative as well as strategic marketing and communication awards. Having worked with some of world’s biggest and hottest advertising agencies, he has worked spearheaded brands like Nestle, UNICEF, Cisco, HP, GM, Pedigree, Microsoft, Honda, Canon and Toshiba.

From advertising, he moved to the next level, marketing and joined one of the largest global
telecom brands. It was here that he decided to take a break and tell a story on a larger format.

Released in 2010, his debut novel, Flight of the Hilsa was widely accepted and appreciated. Next year, in 2011, he launched, Chapter 11. Both these went on to become national best sellers.

His passion includes music, biking and photography and list of Gods; Clapton, Slash, Blackmore, Santana, Satriani, Vie and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

1. A Scorpio
2. A great cook
3. Movie buff
4. Rock, blues and Jazz buff
5. His nickname, Baba
Color: Black
Cuisine: Indian and continental
Author: Ruskin Bond
  Dan Brown
Book: Wuthering Heights
  The art of war
1. Of owning a cottage in the Alps
2. Judging the miss world contest
3. Featuring on the cover of
  Vogue and TIME
4. Having a shelter for stray dogs
1. Afraid of water
2. Cries often listening to his
  favorite songs
3. Coffee addict