“Flight of the Hilsa' explores and demystifies the definition of happiness.
Hilsa is the metaphor for happiness and satisfaction.”
What is happiness?
On one hand, mortals spend their lives, just trying to trace their true calling. While on the other, the blessed ones discover the treasure of fulfillment in this lifetime itself. Not deluded by delusions, not failed by failures, these lucky ones rise above all challenges to discover and define their own truth, which leads them to their happiness. Flight of the Hilsa follows AvantikaSen Gupta’s journey in quest for her truth, her happiness.

Avantika is a highly opinionated and whimsical, young Bengali woman who is a painter by profession, in search of success. Bearing the burnt of a traumatic childhood-an abusive father and a rebel creative mother, life for her swings between extremes. This leads to a cynical cynical point of view which turns into a serious mental block, not only clouding her mind but also hampering her ability to see things in the right perspective. No wonder, within the art fraternity, her paintings get branded as ‘soulless blabbering.’

Frustrated by all this, even her personal relationships-with boy friend, her best friend and even her own father, hits an all time low. All tired and exhausted, but nevertheless a fighter; luck gives her a final chance. On an inspiration trip to Kerala, she comes across someone who mesmerizes her by his simple yet potent philosophy. His profound thoughts give her floundering life a new direction. As opposites attract, no wonder irrespective of the twenty years gap, cupid strikes.

With a new found vision and a lover; and aided by quick turn of events, success starts coming her way. On one hand, Doctor diagnoses her with stomach ulcer, while on the other, her Europe exhibition becomes a big hit. In no time her fortune changes.

But then as success is a good slave and a bad master, it makes her live in a world which has no foundation, or for that matter, even friends. Life comes full circle and her house of card come tumbling down. Completely devastated, she starts looking for solace. She travels back to the rendezvous point, Kerala again. Will she discover true happiness? The story goes on to unfold many such questions.