This title tries to mirror the eroding value system, crumbling ethos and decaying morals of humans, in the context of a corporate setting. It also highlights the importance of staying close to our roots, valuing and appreciating it, rather than running towards the unknown glitz and glamour.

The protagonist, Virendra Vikram Singh aka, VVS, is a small town guy. Being a bright student, he went to the best commerce college. But due to his wrong choice and vulnerable mind, he ended up with bad grades. No wonder, he had to return to his hometown, Udaipur, and use his family connection to get a small-time job with a local web company.

Caught between the quandary of hailing from a martial clan; which has nothing left to boast of, but for the stories of past glory, his inconsequential job, a naïve wife and parents, he aspires to be a part of the MNC culture. For some reason he believes that once a part of a large format company, his life would change as it would give him a chance to rub shoulders with the IIMs and IITs types, flaunt laptop and Blackberry and live a blessed life.

His college time senior and a demi God to him, Sandy, offers him a job with CommTech. With dreams having a nasty habit of turning sour, the day he joins CommTech and is all set to start his dream journey, the company files for Chapter 11-bankruptcy.

Hanging on there, counting days, trying to learn the ropes, he discovers that beneath the gleaming façade, there lies a cesspool-of muck, greed, cowardice and sleaze. His dreams of leading a comfortable life within the corporate cocoon starts going haywire. Caught between his wife and newfound love, loyalty towards his college time senior and his work, choosing between honesty and tact, he loses whatever little he had come with-his true self.

Chapter 11 is an honest portrayal of the new way of life-to seek and to have it at any cost and spells out the flip side of it.